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Friday, October 06, 2006

Energy Challenge

A resolution supporting the Minneapolis Energy Challenge passed the Council unanimously today, with all twelve present Council Members signing on as co-authors. The resolution (which you can see here, near the end of the agenda) formalizes our partnership with the Center for Energy and Environment, the folks putting together the MN Energy Challenge.

The concept of the challenge is that residents can go to the website and calculate our current emissions, commit to actions steps that will reduce our energy use, learn more about available resources to help us change our energy habits, and participate in online forums with energy experts. It's a way to help those of us who know that we should do something to halt global climate change figure out what that "something" should be. It connects a positive impulse to real, effective action.

In addition, the Energy Challenge will put on a number of Energy Fairs in the city, with speakers including WCCO's Don Shelby and polar explorer Will Steger:

Monday, Oct. 16, 6-9pm at Hale Elementary, 1220 54th St E
Tuesday, Oct. 24, 6:15-9pm at Jenny Lind Elementary, 5025 Bryant Ave N

We've come a long way since Ross Abbey (a Green and a supporter in both of my campaigns for City Council) sent me his proposal to challenge Minneapolis residents to reduce their fossil fuel consumption. I'm proud of the work we've done so far with my colleague Scott Benson, the Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee, the Sierra Club, Ross and others.

But now is when the work starts. We have to take the infrastructure that CEE is providing in the form of this wonderful website and get people out there to use it.

Nothing less than the future of the planet is at stake.


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