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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Maximum Occupancy Work Group

The group I set up to talk about possible reforms to the Minneapolis Maximum Occupancy codes has met four times. We have reviewed the current codes, laid out our goals for “ideal” maximum occupancy regulations and studied how Minneapolis has regulated occupancy in the past and other municipalities regulate it today.

The consensus of the group was to move towards regulating the maximum number of adults, regardless of their “relatedness,” who can share a dwelling unit based on the habitable square footage of the unit.

I will also be putting together a package of other reforms to help deal with the concerns that I do not feel the current maximum occupancy code is effectively addressing, including:

  • limitations on increasing the maximum occupancy of a unit by increasing its size
  • more regular inspection of all rental units; a system of rental license classifications, which would reward good landlords and direct more City resources to dealing with bad landlords
  • targeted grants and loans to increase homeownership in Southeast
  • clarifying and strengthening the definition of “impervious surface," to prevent yards from being effectively paved
  • the creation and distribution of “welcome packets” to all new student residents, informing them of the resources available to them and expectations of them in our neighborhoods


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