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Friday, October 12, 2007

10th Avenue Bridge Update

The powers that be have decided to imrpvoe the situation on the 10th Avenue bridge. Thanks to folks who contacted me about this. I supported these changes in discussions with staff and also would have accepted getting it all back to how it was before before the bridge collapse (with the added fence remaining).

Here are the specifics:

" A second northbound lane is now carrying traffic on the 10th Avenue Bridge, helping ease traffic congestion. The bridge, which was closed right after the I-35W Bridge collapse, reopened on Aug. 31 with one northbound lane, one southbound lane and a pedestrian viewing area added to the upstream side of the bridge. Since there are now fewer people wanting to see the I-35W site, the pedestrian area was narrowed to allow the southbound bicycle lane to be moved to that side of the bridge. This created room to reopen the second northbound lane, which will significantly ease the traffic backups that have been occurring headed northbound. Southbound traffic has flowed relatively smoothly in one lane."


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