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Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Keefe

Minneapolis City Clerk Merry Keefe, one of the most helpful, warmest, ablest City staff members we've had the pleasure to work with over the last two years, is retiring. She helped us acclimate to the rules, procedures and culture here in City Hall, and under her leadership the Clerk's office has become one of the very best departments in the City.

Among Merry's many accomplishments: this blog. When our office floated the unprecedented idea of a Council Member blog early in 2006, we met with significant resistance from various parts of the City, especially the Attorney's Office and some of Cam's colleagues who are uncomfortable with too much free speech. Emblematic of her can-do attitude, Merry immediately understood why we would want to blog - to conduct an in-depth discussion with our constituents about the policy issues facing the City - and supported us strongly every step of the way. She never questioned whether we could or should use this communication medium, but focused on how to make it happen. This is the culture of the Clerk's Office that she has helped set, that serves policymakers and the public so well.

So please take a moment to thank Merry Keefe for being allowed to read this. She will be missed.


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