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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fairview Children's Expansion

Earlier this month, the Council voted to vacate portions of 7th St S and 24th Ave S to accomodate Fairview Riverside's Children's Hospital expansion. Cam was unable to vote on this, due to a conflict of interest - his spouse works for Fairview.

In the weeks leading up to this vote, Cam focused on listening to concerns and then bringing others together to work towards a solution without him present. To find resolution, I worked with residents of the Riverside Park neighborhood, Fairview staff and CPED Director Mike Christenson on a Good Neighbor Agreement between the hospital and residents. The purpose of this agreement is to address the ongoing concerns that residents have about Fairview's impacts on their neighborhood, and to create a more collaborative relationship between the institution and residents. Here's the text of the agreement:

Riverside Park Neighborhood Task Force / Fairview Proposed Good Neighbor Agreement

Fairview commits to:

1) Develop a lasting partnership between the Riverside Park Neighborhood Task Force and Fairview fundraising and community relations staff to: a) raise funds, b) plan and c) implement plans to restore, improve, and maintain Riverside Park, and improve lighting and safety in the neighborhood. This would include staff attendance at regular monthly meetings. Fairview also commits to allocate an initial $10,000 to this partnership.

2) Work with residents, other nearby institutions and the City to deal with parking and traffic concerns in the neighborhood. Take the following specific actions:

a. Establish SnOasis program for Riverside Park residents to use Fairview parking facilities during city snow emergencies.
b. Communicate Snow Emergency rules to Fairview visitors and staff.
c. Place stop sign on exit from Fairview parking ramp onto 26th Ave S.
d. Continue to incentivize non-Single Occupancy Vehicle modes of transportation, including exploration of shuttle to LRT station(s).
e. Create and share with residents 5, 10, and 20-year parking plans.

3) Complete 10-year Fairview Riverside Master Plan by end of 2009, using public participation process approved by Council Member’s office. Fairview acknowledges the provisions on campus expansion contained in the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan.

4) Use Integrated and pesticides on the Fairview campus. Use the most environmentally and human friendly products and processes available, including non-synthetic pesticides and herbicides, to maintain the grounds on the Fairview campus.

5) Use best efforts to prevent idling of shuttles, delivery trucks and other diesel vehicles on Fairview property and on nearby residential streets.

6) Keep the mature trees on Riverside that are not required to be removed for temporary access at least until demolition of existing parking ramp. Make every reasonable effort to keep said trees during and after demolition.Pest Management to reduce or eliminate the use of herbicides

7) Commit to work with the West Bank Community Coalition, the Council Member’s office and Institutional neighbors on a broader Community Benefits Agreement.


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