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Thursday, June 12, 2008

University on Board for Central Corridor

It looks like we've finally achieved a sense of unity on the Central Corridor LRT project that has been eluding us for months: the University is moving towards support for the Washington Avenue alignment. U President Bob Bruininks is quoted to say that "the university does not want to be in the position of bringing this project to a grinding halt or jeopardizing its possible future."

I'm glad to see the University taking this position, after the data on their preferred Northern Alignment clearly indicated that it couldn't meet the federal funding formula. The City, County and University are making good progress on a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the mitigation that should be done as part of the project, betterments to the area that should be done outside of the project, and issues about design control on Washington Avenue. In the months ahead it will especially important for the City, County and University to work with neighborhoods to be sure the line serves the residents and business closest to it, as well as the larger region.

I'm hopeful that when we apply for federal funds this fall, we will have the full support of all of the project partners, making much more likely that this vitally important project will be built.


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