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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RCV in 2009

It looks like a 2009 implementation of Ranked Choice Voting (aka IRV) in City elections is more likely than ever. While we did not find machines to do the job, staff is recommending that we use a hand count. I am very supportive of this idea.

Below for your information is the text from a memo we received this morning.

I think this is great news. It is my understanding that the only way this could be delayed now is if the City Council actually voted to delay it, despite our staff saying it is possible. I can't imagine how we could justify doing that. So, I am celebrating a little today and I invite you to do the same.



To: City Council Members

From: Cindy Reichert, Elections Director

Subject: Responses to Voting Equipment RFP

Date: September 30, 2008

On August 1st the City of Minneapolis received responses to a Request for Proposal for services and equipment needed to conduct municipal elections using the method of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Proposals were received from only two vendors; Elections Systems and Software, Inc., and TrueBallot, Inc. City Elections staff has conducted a review of both proposals and has determined that neither proposal meets our requirements.

This office recommends that the City of Minneapolis conduct municipal elections using a combination of our current equipment and a hand count of those races in which candidates do not reach the threshold for election. Our intent is to continue to work with our election partners to develop an equipment solution that will meet the needs of Minneapolis voters.

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act requires that only the names of the responders are public data. All other information regarding the proposals is classified as non-public, and therefore accessible only to the proposers themselves and to government officials whose duties reasonably require access. The proposals and their contents (with the narrow exception of trade secret data) become public data, accessible to everyone, only if the City completes negotiations with a selected Contractor.

In addition, please note that some information discussed in relation to the RFP proposals may relate to an ongoing lawsuit, Minnesota Voters Alliance v. City, which challenges the constitutionality of IRV. That material may therefore fall under attorney-client privilege and can only be disclosed in the event a majority of the council votes to waive the privilege.

cc: Gary Winter, Assistant City Attorney
Lisa Needham, Assistant City Attorney


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