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Friday, October 24, 2008

ABC Referendum

Please join me in voting YES on the ABC referendum on November 4th. The referendum will appear on your ballot as the following question:

"SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT QUESTION 2 – ESTABLISHMENT OF ELECTION DISTRICTS FOR SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1. Shall the Board of Special School District No. 1, Minneapolis Public Schools consist of six members elected by district and three members elected at-large for a total of nine members? Board of education members elected on or prior to November 4, 2008 shall complete their terms. The six districts shall be of equal population and shall initially coincide with the six park board districts for the Minneapolis Park Board. Three districts shall be given even numbers and three districts shall be given odd numbers."

I believe that this amendment will improve the School Board's representation of the people of Minneapolis. It will ensure that every part of the city has a representative, which the current at-large election cannot do. Equality of geographic representation will help the public trust that tough decisions that can sometimes pit neighborhoods against each other - like the decision to close schools - are being made with equal concern about the fate of all Minneapolis neighborhoods. This new election method will provide more opportunities for diverse cultural and political voices to gain a seat at the table. At-large plurality elections are known for being the very hardest for minor party candidates to win.

If you're interested in learning more, please join State Representative Jim Davnie on Monday, October 27th, at 7pm at Brackett Park, 2728 39th Ave S.

Please also vote join me in voting YES on the Strong Schools, Strong City referendum.


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