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Friday, January 23, 2009

Honoring the Southeast Como neighborhood association

The Como neighborhood has had a focus on cleaning up pollution and environmental stewardship for years. In the three short years I have been in office they have been pushing themselves, the businesses around them, and the City as a whole to do more to address the environmental issues that affect us all. Most recently they have embarked on a Green Village effort that I am hoping will help inform and inspire the University District Partnership Alliance and, eventually, the City as a whole.

For these reasons, and more, I was especially honored and delighted to present the following Resolution to Wendy Menken, president, and Jake Jacobi, Environment Committee Chair, of the Southeast Como Improvement Association this morning at the City Council meeting. I was very glad that Wendy specifically mentioned Environmental Coordinator, Justin Eibenholzl , who has key to these efforts for years.


By Gordon, Benson, Colvin Roy, Goodman, Glidden, Hofstede, Hodges, Johnson, Lilligren, Ostrow, Remington, Samuels, Schiff

Honoring the Southeast Como Improvement Association for Winning the Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention

Whereas, the Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA), through the efforts of its Environment Committee, has negotiated and signed Good Neighbor Agreements with three local manufacturing businesses, Ritrama Inc, Rock-Tenn Company, and Greatbatch Globe Tool, preventing the release of more than 1,300 tons of Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) into the air; and

Whereas, between the years of 2001 and 2006, Rock-Tenn and Ritrama reduced VOC emissions by ninety-two percent, due in large part to SECIA’s efforts; and

Whereas, SECIA helped connect Greatbatch Globe Tool to the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, which identified similar potential reductions in their emissions of trichloroethylene; and

Whereas, the Good Neighbor Agreement with Greatbatch Globe Tool, by which the company committed to move towards those reductions, was signed in May 2008; and

Whereas, the City of Saint Paul recognized SECIA’s environmental leadership with an award in 2007 for contributing to St. Paul’s Sustainability goals; and

Whereas, SECIA distributed more than 70 retractable clotheslines as part of a City of Minneapolis “Mobilizing Citizens for Grassroots Climate Change” grant in 2007, helping reduce unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions; and

Whereas, more than one hundred and fifty residents participated in an organic lawn care program organized by SECIA in 2005-2006; and

Whereas, SECIA organized the Southeast Como Solar Pilot Project, in which seventeen solar thermal systems were installed, twelve in Minneapolis and five in Saint Paul; and

Whereas, SECIA was instrumental in building the coalition between environmental, civic, and neighborhood groups which helped convince Xcel Energy to convert the Riverside and High bridge coal-burning power plants to natural gas; and

Whereas, SECIA has been chosen to receive the 2008 Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention for their work on the Good Neighbor Agreements;

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved by the City Council of the City of Minneapolis:

That the City of Minneapolis honors the good work done by the staff, board, and volunteers of the Southeast Como Improvement Association to help make Minneapolis a greener city
Be it Further Resolved that the City of Minneapolis thanks the Southeast Como Improvement Association for helping the City move toward meeting our sustainability targets, and encourages the Association to keep up the good work.

Passed, January 23, 2009
Barbara Johnson, President of the Council


R. T. Rybak, Mayor

Attest: _____________________________
Steve Ristuben, City Clerk


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