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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bike Walk Event

I was glad to join Mayor Rybak, University President Robert Bruiniks and Transit for Livable Communities Director Lea Schuster and a number of others for a celebration of the most recent Nonmotorized Transportation grant recipients: the Minneapolis bike sharing system and a new U of M Bike Center.

The bike sharing system, which I've written about before, is an incredibly exciting opportunity. People in downtown, uptown, midtown, the University area and the West Bank will be able to pick up a bike at one kiosk and ride it to another, either by preregistering or on a one-time basis. The Bike Center will feature a first-of-its-kind rider frequency measurement program, a great way for individuals to log their miles and for the U to measure its progress towards increasing the percentage of students, faculty and staff getting to campus on bikes.

The event took place this morning, March 10, at the MN Oak Street Parking Ramp at the corner of Oak & Delaware Streets - where the new Bike Center will be built.


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