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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Profile Scales Back

The Profile Music Center, which was the site of this year's only homicide in Ward 2 to date, has applied for a lower license class. They have had a "Place of Entertainment" license for about ten years. This allowed them to host private events like wedding receptions, but also events open to the public - sort of like a nightclub without alcohol. These "teen nights" became notorious for the behavioral issues and conflicts that ensued, including several fights and the fatal shooting earlier this year.

The Profile's owner Patrick Kellis, recognizing that he had a problem, has applied for a "Rental Hall" license. This will still allow wedding receptions, fundraisers and other private events, but will no longer allow nightclub-like shows. This should help reduce the spillover effects that this business has had on the surrounding community, especially the violence. There have also been parking concerns in the nearby Glendale public housing complex, and this change will positively impact that as well: people coming to a private event like a wedding shower will be provided with maps to a large nearby parking lot that Profile rents, and will be more to use it than members of the public coming to an open event.

The public hearing for this application was last night, and I hear that no residents attended to share concerns. The application will move forward on December 9th at the Public Safety and Regulatory Services committee.

I thank Mr. Kellis for scaling back his business plan to include less disruptive and potentially dangerous events, and I'm hopeful that this will increase the safety and livability of the surrounding area.


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