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Monday, May 03, 2010

On (Not) Traveling to Arizona

As you can read here, Mayor Rybak has urged all Minneapolis departments not to travel to the state of Arizona. I strongly support this request, have thanked the Mayor for making it, and would support an outright ban on publicly-financed travel to Arizona as long as the terrible, racist immigration law that recently passed remains in place.

I am proud that Minneapolis is among the ranks of cities that do not allow our employees to inquire about any person's immigration status. This policy ensures that all Minneapolitans can feel secure when reporting crimes, requesting emergency assistance, or simply sharing concerns. As our police chief has testified before the Legislature, we're a safer city due to this policy.

And I would submit that we are a better one. Our nation clearly needs to come to a sustainable and fair consensus on the question of immigration. Until that happens, states and local governments should be in the business of serving everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or even immigration status. To do otherwise, as I am afraid we will see all too well in Arizona, is to invite racist actions by law enforcement and exploitation by other sectors of society.

I stand with the Mayor: do not travel to Arizona.


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