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Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Parking Restrictions

Due to the historic snow storm last weekend - the fifth largest in Minneapolis history - the City has put winter parking restrictions into effect. The restrictions, also known as the "one side ban," went into effect this morning at 8am.

The reason for these restrictions is that streets narrowed by snow and with parking on both sides can become difficult or even impassable for emergency vehicles. That's why Police Chief Tim Dolan and Public Works Director Steve Kotke – in consultation with Fire Chief Alex Jackson - made the decision to put the restrictions into effect.

To avoid being ticketed and towed, do not park on the even side of non-Snow Emergency routes, except where specifically instructed by signage. Parking is allowed on both sides of Snow Emergency routes and parkways, and the odd side of non-Snow Emergency-routes, unless otherwise posted.

Please also keep in mind that it is possible that Snow Emergencies can be declared while Winter Parking Restrictions are in place. When a Snow Emergency is declared, follow the standard Snow Emergency rules.

Please help the City spread the word, and prevent your neighbors from getting unnecessary tickets or tows. You can follow "Help your neighbors avoid a snow tow" on Facebook to help remind you.

For more information on where to park during Winter Parking Restrictions, and for a list of ways to keep on top of all changes to winter parking, go here or follow “Minneapolis Snow Emergency” on Facebook or Twitter. Also, call (612) 348-SNOW at any time to find out if Winter Parking Restrictions or a Snow Emergency is in effect.


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