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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Potential Flooding

The City is preparing for potential flooding this spring:

This has been one of the snowiest winters for Minneapolis on record. As that snow accumulation melts, some properties will be at an increased risk of flooding. City of Minneapolis Emergency Management and Public Works staff have been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as well as local watershed management organizations to prepare for the situation.

Residential & Business Properties
Many factors influence flooding, including the rate of snow melt and precipitation received as the weather warms. All property owners near the creeks or other water bodies should assess the risk to their land and buildings.
  • Increased risk properties. Based on the best information available from FEMA and the local watershed districts, the City has identified roughly 30 homes and businesses at an increased risk for flooding. The City is contacting those property owners directly.
  • Properties located in the "100‐Year Flood Plain." Roughly 490 addresses are located in FEMA’s 100‐Year Flood Plain. In the first week of March, Minneapolis notified these property owners that if they do not currently have flood insurance, most insurance companies will not provide coverage until 30 days after flood coverage is added to a policy.
  • Every property in Minneapolis. All property owners near the creeks or other water bodies should assess the risk to their land and buildings. Go here to see if your property resides in an area at risk of flooding. Contact your insurance company to see what coverage you have and whether flood protection insurance would benefit you.

City of Minneapolis Facilities
City officials have been evaluating the flooding risk to its own properties, and making necessary preparations accordingly. Minneapolis’ Fridley Water Treatment facility is at the most significant risk of flooding. Officials there have been putting in place a number of flood mitigation tools to ensure that the facility is protected from possible flooding on the Mississippi River and will be able to maintain its ability to produce clean, safe drinking water to all customers.

For More information
Visit the City’s flood information website for more information on the situation. You can also find additional information here:


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