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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ahmed Shire Ali

Ahmed Shire Ali, the accomplice in the Seward Market triple homicide, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.  Along with the conviction of the murderer, I hope that this gives the families of the victims and the neighborhood some closure and peace. 

This young man made a terrible decision that helped bring about the deaths of three innocent people.  Robbery backed by the threat of violence is never conscionable, precisely because in these sorts of fast-moving, chaotic events, sometimes those threats escalate to acts.  Ahmed Shire Ali's decision to put himself in the Seward Market for that purpose that night can't be condoned.

But, from the details I've read, this young man is to be praised for most of the decisions he made after that.  He did not kill anyone.  He urged his accomplice to stop.  According to victim Jamiila Ahmed, he may have saved additional people from being killed that night.  He gave himself up to the police.  He testified against his one-time friend.  He apologized to those whose lives he helped turn upside down.  And he has accepted the consequences of his actions and his sentence.

I hope that he follows through with his intention to "do something productive" with his life, and that he can leave prison better able to do so.  I thank him for his words and deeds in the aftermath of his crime.


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