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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Urban Agriculture Amendments Pass Z&P

This morning, the Urban Agriculture Text Amendments unanimously passed the Council's Zoning and Planning Committee, and in very strong shape.

On hoop houses: their height will be limited to 6.5' on parcels with 1-4 unit residential buildings.  Everywhere else, they will be able to be 12' tall.  This would allow properly-sized hoop houses not only on market gardens, community gardens and urban farms, but also as accessory uses to institutions (schools, churches, etc.) and large apartment buildings.

On market garden sale days: market gardeners will be allowed to sell directly to the public 15 days per year (down from staff's recommended 25 days, up from CM Tuthill's proposed 2 days).  They will not be restricted to one sale day per week, as staff recommended, but will have to post contact info on their farm stand each day they're open and notify their neighbors at the beginning of the season.

And on raised bed materials: CM Tuthill moved a version of her amendment that my office worked on with growers, which ensures that metal and ceramics can be used but tires and bathtubs can't, and clarifies that green-treated lumber is not required.

The amendments now move forward to the full City Council on March 30th, where I expect them to pass with strong support from the rest of my colleagues.


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