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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mayor's Chief of Staff nominated to head Planning and Economic Development department

Mayor Rybak has nominated his Chief of Staff, Jeremy Hanson Willis, to be the next director of the City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED).

Hanson Willis has served as Mayor Rybak’s chief of staff since 2009 and has been the Mayor’s primary liaison with CPED.  Prior to making the formal permanent appointment, the Mayor has appointed and the Executive Committee (with my support) has confirmed Hanson Willis as interim director for 3 months. 

I am disappointed that a new CPED Director with a Planning background and more experience managing large budgets and staffs was not found.  The fact that Hanson Willis is the Mayor's Chief of Staff also gives me some pause.  However, I intend to be open minded and think that the interim period will give Mr. Hanson Willis an opportunity to demonstrate his capacity to be successful in this very important position.


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