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Friday, August 03, 2012

Recycling at Major Events

The Council has voted to require all large block events and all parades and races on Minneapolis streets to recycle. The changes are designed to reduce the amount of trash being generated at these events.

Beginning next year, organizers of any block event with more than 2,500 in attendance and any parade or race that uses City streets will need to have a written recycling plan for the collection of all paper, cardboard, and plastic, glass and metal containers.

I was very supportive of this initiative by Council Member Betsy Hodges.  I see this as a continuation of the City's work to increase waste diversion, including our requirements that multifamily housing and commercial properties have recycling.  It's tremendously important that we continue to reduce the amount of recyclable (and organic) material going into landfills and the garbage burner.


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