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Friday, September 21, 2012

No Accountability for DRE

In an ironically well-timed announcement the same morning that the Council was gutting civilian oversight in Minneapolis, we're hearing that there will be no consequences for the officers involved in the Drug Recognition Evaluator (or DRE) controversy.  According to the Hennepin County Attorney, there is insufficient evidence to file criminal charges against the officers involved.  I have not heard anything about the officers involved being disciplined in any other way, and I doubt that they will be.

So, to recap:

Several young people go on record alleging that officers involved in the DRE program provided them with illegal drugs, via a video shared on the internet.  No one takes any action until an unnamed police participant in the DRE program corroborates the allegations, triggering an investigation.  That investigation is complete, and no action will be taken.  Did the young people who made the initial allegations and the police officer who came forward simply made this all up?  If so, why?

Overall, it's a bad day for police accountability in Minneapolis.


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