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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Second Ward CLIC Applications Needed

Every 2 years each City Council Member is expected to appoint 2 people to this committee. For several years now, we have been well represented by two outstanding appointees, Alexander Tsatsoulis and Jeremy Bergerson, who have now decided to step off the committee. 

This opens up an opportunity for two new people to take on this important work.  

CLIC  is responsible for reviewing and critiquing approximately 120 capital budget requests submitted by City Departments, Independent Boards and Commissions each year and making recommendations to the Mayor and Council for the City's five-year capital investment program that is approved as part of the annual budget.   

  • Resident of Ward 2, 
  • Good communication skills,
  • An active e-mail account,
  • Ability to use to basic computer software,
  • Knowledge of community and neighborhood needs and priorities,
  • Ability to become familiar with the CLIC By-Laws, as well as the City and Ward 2 goals and plans,
  • Interest in the City’s Governmental Institutions and the services they provide,
  • Awareness of the various types of infrastructure maintained by the City,
  • Ability to organize and process large amounts of information,
  • General familiarity with the different areas of the City, (e.g. north, northeast, south) and particular familiarity with the the Ward 2 neighborhoods.
The CLIC Process occurs from Mid-March – Early July each year. The estimated volunteer hours for participating in the CLIC Process range from 70 to 100 hours and include reading & reviewing proposals, attending CLIC Meetings (15 – 20 hrs on Tuesday meetings from Noon – 1:30 pm), attending Department presentations (may include Saturday/evening meetings), rating proposals and writing & reviewing comments. 

Go to for more  general information about CLIC and the appointment process and to  for prior CLIC Reports and Capital Budget Requests.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to meet to discuss this further.

Cam Gordon
Minneapolis City Council Member, Second Ward
673-2202, 296-0579


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