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Thursday, October 12, 2006

CRA Finale

We're moving towards the big finale for the Civilian Review Authority (CRA) reforms that started all the way back in February.

In today's joint meeting (see previous posts), the recommendations of the Work Group passed both the Public Safety and Regulatory Services (PS&RS) and Health, Energy and Environment (HEE) committees.

I understand that this piece of good news might be subsumed by the Dolan nomination, but I'd like to mark it. Council committees have voted to substantially improve the CRA process, resulting in the best civilian oversight system Minneapolis has ever had.

When I originally moved and fought to form an internal work group to review and reform the CRA based on the recommendations of the a Civil Rights Department Report, I was hopeful that we had a real opportunity to make some positive difference.

Now, even though compromises were made regarding the imposition of discipline for sustained CRA complaints, I believe that my optimism was well-founded - the Work Group has done incredibly positive work, and that work is well on its way towards becoming law.


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