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Friday, March 23, 2007

Morningstar 2% Loan

Morningstar Coffee has applied for a Minneapolis Neighborhood Small Business Revolving Loan fund loan of $100,000, to install a larger coffee roaster and an afterburner. The City will be putting $40,000 towards that total. This is clear evidence that the company is moving forward on their commitment to Minneapolis Environmental Management to install an afterburner to effectively mitigate their offensive odors. Pending final approval, this loan will be closed within three weeks. I hope that Morningstar will move quickly after the loan is received on installing the afterburner, to give neighbors a pleasant, odor-free summer.

I’m pleased that the City can help Morningstar become a more responsible neighbor without endangering their business. I believe that they can be successful without negatively impacting the neighborhood, and that this loan will help realize that shared goal.

Thanks again to the neighbors, whose active engagement has made this happen.


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