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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kersten on Aggressive Solicitation

Conservative Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten agrees with Council Members Remington and Ostrow that "[t]he future of downtown is threatened by beggars."

She quotes Sam Grabarski, president of the Downtown Council, describing an incident where a panhandler grabbed him. Like almost every incident that has been described by supporters of the Remington/Ostrow amendment, this is already against the law. He goes on to describe panhandlers trying to "extort money from waitresses at outdoor cafes by threatening to harass customers if they aren't paid off" and following "families down the street and curse them unless they give." Again, these behaviors are already against the law.

True to form, Kersten's article confuses the issue rather than helping educate readers. Unfortunately, so does the proposed ordinance that she is supporting.


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