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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lead Safe Work Practices ordinance

On June 15, I will be introducing an new ordinance that if passed, will require that anyone repairing interior chipped or peeling paint on a pre-1978 housing unit, as required by a City violation order, must have attended a Lead Safe Work Practices training. I don't anticipate any trouble getting the seven votes need for what we call "subject introduction." It already has the cupport of the City/County Lead Task Force, which I co-chair with commissioner Gail Dorfman.

When it is introduced it will be referred to committee for review and a public hearing. This particular ordinance will likley go to both the Health Energy, Environment Committee as well as the Public Safety and Regulatory Services Committee for review, but only one will hold the hearing.

This is a small, but positive, step towards reducing and, in time, eliminating lead poisoning among children. If this is successful in terms of passage and then implementation I would also like to see it expanded in the future to exterior paint violations as well.


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