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Monday, February 25, 2008

Adopt a Vacant House

From the City's Communications Department:

Empty homes and businesses can pose safety challenges for everyone in the surrounding community. And while the City of Minneapolis is taking comprehensive measures to make neighborhoods affected by vacant properties safer, there are many things residents can do to improve these blocks.

City leaders are encouraging neighbors and block clubs to work together and adopt vacant properties in their area. By keeping an eye on these empty places, residents can prevent them from attracting crime.

If you spot people trespassing or breaking the law on a vacant property, call 911. Do not confront them on your own.

If you see a vacant home or building that’s open to trespass, or if you observe anything on the property that could be a health or safety issue, call 311 to report it.

Check on a vacant property from time to time to make sure the doors and windows are closed so it’s not open to trespass.

It’s okay to maintain the public space, such as sidewalks and alleys, around vacant properties. You can shovel snow, rake leaves and pick up or remove flyers and litter without notifying the property’s owner. However, do NOT climb on a building, enter a building or make improvements without written consent from the property owner.

If your block has a property with an ongoing problem, contact your crime prevention specialist at your police precinct. They can work with you to resolve a variety of issues involving problem properties. For crime prevention specialist information and contact information, go to


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