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Thursday, November 13, 2008

BAC Supports Functional Yield

Yesterday, the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee formally supported Representative Phyllis Kahn's bill 4245, which would require bicyclists to stop at stop signs only when there is right-of-way that they must yield to other road users (including cars, pedestrians and other bicyclists). It would also enable cyclists to proceed through red lights, after stopping, again only if there are no other road users with right-of-way.

The Committee made some great suggestions to Rep. Kahn, including looking into an age limit on exercising this privilege, for many of the same reasons that we don't give driver's licenses to people under a certain age. They also recommended that she ensure that the language in the bill matches the existing traffic statutes.

The fact that the City group empowered to represent the bicycle community has formally supported this bill will help Cam's efforts to get it listed as a support item on the City's legislative agenda.


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