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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tragedy in Seward

As you've likely heard, there was a terrible tragedy in the Seward neighborhood last night. Three men were shot and killed in the Seward Market at the corner of 24th and Franklin. You can read more here and here. All of the details have not come in, but it appears that the owner of the store may be among the victims.

I know that great efforts and investment had been put inot this corner store. The owner was active in the business association. This is a tragic blow to the Seward Community and the Minneapolis Community as a whole. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the families of the victims.

I have asked the police to keep me updated as new information becomes available. I've also asked that we make this incident a major focus of the next Seward Crime and Safety committee, which will be next Monday, January 11, at 7pm.

This morning we changed the focus of the press conference planned for today to share the great news about last year's tremendous reduction in crime, to talk instead about the tragic shootings last night. We can talk about our successes at another, more appropriate time. Now is a time to come together to support these families and eachother in this time of tragedy and to focus on seeking justice and preventing more violence in the future.

Here is a statement that I was proud to join others in making this morning:

"Dear Neighbor,

Last night, our community was struck with tragedy. An integral business along Seward’s main street, Seward Market, was inflicted with exceptional and inexplicable acts of violence that ended in the murders of three people.

This violence is not indicative of our community and will not detract from our vibrant, diverse, and welcoming neighborhood. In the wake of tragedy, our best response is to come together to further solidify our community’s foundation and extend our support to those most deeply connected to and affected by this loss.

Join us for a Candlelight/Flashlight Vigil tonight, January 7th at 7:45 p.m. outside of the Seward Market (2423 E Franklin Ave). Bethany Lutheran Church will open their doors for warming. Also, a memorial fund has been established at Wells Fargo bank.


Sheldon Mains, on behalf of the Seward Neighborhood Group
Jim Welna, on behalf of the Seward Civic and Commerce Association
Katya Pilling, on behalf of Seward Redesign
Pastor Justin Lind-Ayers, on behalf of the Bethany Lutheran Church
Cam Gordon, Ward 2 Council Member"

I invite you all to join the neighborhood for a vigil tonight at the corner of 24th and Franklin, at 7:45 (the approximate time of the shootings last night).


At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there to pray for the victims and the community. I was moved by the solidarity and sincerity of those who braved to come despite the freezing cold. This was a show of brotherhood and sisterhood and as a member of the Somali community, I thank the organizers and all the beautiful people who came to pay tribute to the victims and the family. I met the wife of one the victims at vigil. She was shaken but still she was touched and felt by the vigil. She thanked the neighbors and the community. Again on behalf of my community, thank you for your heartfelt condolences. I hope the police and the chief will bring to the murderers to justice. Seward Grocery will be there and continue to work for the betterment of this beautiful neighborhood.


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