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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dolan Reappointed

The Council has voted 8-5 to reappoint Police Chief Tim Dolan. The votes are as follows:

In favor of reappointment: CMs Reich, Hofstede, Johnson, Samuels, Goodman, Schiff, Quincy and Colvin Roy.

Opposed: CMs Lilligren, Glidden, Tuthill, Hodges and myself.

I appreciate all of the insightful comments that my colleagues on both sides of this vote made this morning. It's clear that this was not, to any Council Member, a simple issue. I am hoping that the Chief takes the vote this morning as a signal that the Council values the work he has done to reduce crime rates, but that there is room for significant improvement on issues such as police accountability (including the relationship between the department and the CRA), relations with the community, and control of the department's budget. I look forward to seeing progress on these issues in the years to come, and take all of my colleagues at their word that they will help the department continually improve.


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