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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sound Wall in Prospect Park

As you can read here, there are folks in Prospect Park who are unhappy about the new sound wall along the west side of I-94.

I have heard these concerns as well, and shared them with MnDOT.

It's important to know some of the context as well.  The residents on the east side of I-94 have been protected by a sound wall for decades, but until now those along East River Terrace and East River Parkway have not.  I have heard concerns about freeway noise from those folks for years, as early as 2001.  I have also heard that they're happy a sound wall has finally been installed.

I have asked MnDOT whether there are ways to break up the sonic reflection coming off of the wall.  One interesting idea: what if we encouraged vines to grow on the side of it?  Such a "green wall" would deter graffiti as well as damping some of the sound.


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