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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Terrible Day for Minneapolis

On the expected, razor-thin 7-6 vote the City Council today voted to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars for the Minnesota Vikings, in violation of the Minneapolis Charter.  This represents the largest act of corporate welfare in Minneapolis history.

Future generations will look back on this deal as a terrible day for Minneapolis, and will have a hard time cleaning up this mess.

Voting with me against this deal, and to uphold the Charter:
Robert Lilligren
Lisa Goodman
Elizabeth Glidden
Gary Schiff
Betsy Hodges

Voting to nullify the Charter for this unprecedented corporate giveaway:
Kevin Reich
Diane Hofstede
Barb Johnson
Don Samuels
Meg Tuthill
John Quincy
Sandy Colvin Roy

We will all be held accountable by the voters in our wards for our stances on this issue, but the damage has been done.


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