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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vikings Stadium Bill Passes House

The Minnesota House of Representatives has passed a Vikings stadium funding bill.  The changes that were made before it passed do not substantively change the impact on the people of Minneapolis, and I continue to oppose it.

One of the clearest indications of how flawed this plan is: only two members of Minneapolis' House delegation voted for it, with the rest voting no.

Those voting yes:

Bobby Champion
Paul Thissen

Those voting no:

Susan Allen
Karen Clark
Phyllis Kahn
Jean Wagenius
Diane Loeffler
Jim Davnie
Joe Mullery
Marion Greene
Frank Hornstein

If this stadium is a good deal for Minneapolis, why did the vast majority (81%, by my math) of our elected officials in the House vote against it?

I applaud the courage of the Representatives who stood up to the lobbying pressure of the NFL, the Vikings, the Governor and the Mayor and sided with the people of Minneapolis by voting no.


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