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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surly Brewing

As you can read here, a location in the Southeast Minneapolis Industrial (or SEMI) area of the Second Ward is at the top of the list of locations Surly Brewing Company is considering for their new brewery and taproom.

They will be applying for environmental remediation grants to deal with significant soil contamination of this land, which is fairly standard for the use of industrial land, especially on or near old railroad corridors.

I am very supportive of this idea, and have encouraged City Economic Development staff to help in any way we can - though, to their credit, they've needed little encouragement.  Staff are as excited about the prospect of Surly making Minneapolis home as I am.  When Surly moves to the SEMI area, it will bring a large number of good paying jobs to the Second Ward, increase the vitality of not only SEMI but the University Avenue corridor, and represent one of the first major employers attracted by the Central Corridor LRT.

I look forward to attending the opening of the new Surly brewery in the Second Ward in 2014!


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