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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Congratulations to New Chief Harteau

This morning, the Council unanimously approved the Mayor's appointment of Janee Harteau to head the Minneapolis Police Department.  I strongly supported her appointment, and congratulate her on this new chapter in her career.

I was struck, during the public hearing earlier this week at the Council's Public Safety committee, by the number of West Bank residents and business owners who were so thankful for Janee's service as first a Sector Lieutenant and then Inspector of the First Precinct that they came down to speak on her behalf:

  • Todd Smith, owner of Nomad World Pub and President of the West Bank Business Association
  • Russom Solomon, owner of the Red Sea Bar and Restaurant and head of the West Bank Safety Committee
  • Lynn Johnson, Riverside Park resident 
  • Rosemary Knutson, Riverside Park resident and past president of the West Bank Community Coalition

New Chief Harteau's passion and competence have made a lasting impression on folks from the West Bank, and I know she'll bring those qualities to her new position.

I am also confident that Chief Harteau shares my belief that, while the Minneapolis Police Department does great work in difficult situations day after day, there is always room for improvement.  I believe she will bring a focus on continual improvement to the department, and that will be extremely valuable.

Congratulations, Janee.  Well earned.


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