Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Americans for Responsible Solutions

Representative Gabby Giffords was shot while speaking to her constituents two years ago today.  With her husband, she has launched a new organization to provide a counterbalance to the NRA: Americans for Responsible Solutions.

From my perspective, the more organizations we have out there arguing for common-sense gun legislation, the better.  Giffords is in a very strong position to do this work, as a survivor of one of the far too many gun massacres this country has seen in the past few years.

As we have seen in the aftermath of Newtown, the NRA is incapable of changing, unable to compromise, impervious to common sense.  They will oppose any and all regulations on guns, no matter how carefully crafted or how popular among the general public.  Their response to every massacre caused by military-grade weapons and indefensibly capacious magazines is to call for more guns in our society.

The NRA cannot be convinced, reasoned with, or negotiated with.  So those of us who want to protect our communities from the pain and suffering caused by unregulated guns have no choice but to fight them and win.  Every organization in this fight will help: Mayors Against Illegal Guns (which Mayor Rybak is part of) Protect Minnesota, and now Americans for Responsible Solutions.

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