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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shaun Murphy: Mister 74

Congratulations to Minneapolis Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Shaun Murphy for being named the seventy-fourth most influential person in the Twin Cities by Minnesota Monthly!  He beats out every declared candidate for Mayor and every Council Member but Council President Johnson.

In all seriousness, Shaun and his staff are doing a great job, as today's report on bike crashes again makes clear.  Creating his position was one of the most important things the Council has done for bicycling in the past ten years, and it's paying great dividends.  I'm proud that Cam helped lead the fight (against the Star Tribune, among others) for the position, and that we won that fight so resoundingly (11-2).  I'm glad to see Shaun getting some recognition in the media - it's good for bicycling in Minneapolis.


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