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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Repeal the "Lurking" Law?

I am working to repeal Minneapolis’ “lurking” ordinance for four reasons:
1) It is poorly crafted,
2) It is unnecessary,  
3) It is ineffective,
4) It contributes to racial and economic disparities and injustice.

Here is the law, in its entirety:

“385.80. Lurking.  No person, in any public or private place, shall lurk, lie in wait or be concealed with intent to commit any crime or unlawful act.”

Find more detail on my reasons to repeal the lurking ordinance below the fold.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pepper Spray at Protest

Like most people, I was very disturbed to learn that a young African American boy was pepper-sprayed during a protest yesterday evening in downtown Minneapolis. I support the right of people to peacefully protest, and recognize that much of the progress we are making in our discussions about racial disparities in the criminal justice system are due to the power of grassroots organizing and protest.

 I thank Police Chief Janee Harteau and Mayor Hodges for taking this incident seriously and I look forward to hearing the results of those investigations.

 Here's Chief Harteau's statement:
"I am launching a full investigation into the concerns brought forth this evening. Our investigation will include gathering surveillance video and interviewing witnesses. I understand and appreciate people's concerns and will gather the full set of facts as quickly as possible. I assure everyone this will be a thorough investigation.”