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Friday, August 24, 2007

10th Ave Update

This just in from Public Works:

"We are proceeding with a plan to open the 10th Ave.SE bridge by end of day Friday, August 31:

The bridge will open to peds, bikes, and two lanes of traffic. A decision has not yet been made about opening to transit only or to general traffic but we will decide soon after one more conversation with MetroTransit.
We are installing a supplemental fence on the railing on the upstream (35W) side to raise its height to meet standards, to improve safety for the pedestrians that will undoubtedly come to view the 35W site, whether or not we permit them to be there.
Concrete barriers will be installed to separate pedestrians on the upstream side of the bridge from the traffic lanes.
Concrete barriers will remain in place until demand for viewing slows down to a point that opening the bridge to four lanes of traffic will not cause a safety hazard due to peds in traffic lanes."


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding news!! As I said in another post, this bridge is absolutely essential to those of us living in the 7 Corners area for basic shopping needs!


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