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Monday, November 17, 2008

Elections Director Cindy Reichert

A very disturbing and false rumor has been circulated recently that inaccurately indicated that our Elections Director, Cindy Reichert, was improperly carting around 32 absentee ballots "in the trunk of her car for days."

You can read and see for yourself here and here that this story is not only false, but more or less invented by someone, apparently, from the Coleman campaign team. I do not know if this was the intent of the Coleman campaign and other prominent Republicans (including Governor Tim Pawlenty), but this oft-repeated falsehood serves to undermine public confidence in the recount process, and by extension the democratic process itself.

More importantly, this rumor impugns the integrity of a City employee with whom I have been honored and privileged to work for the past three years. My staff and I have had the opportunity to serve with Ms. Reichert on a number of issues, mostly regarding Ranked Choice Voting. She ran the automatic recount on a judicial primary race with great competence, accuracy and efficiency. We have respectfully disagreed on some topics, but I have no doubt that she has always based her actions and recommendations on her best judgment about what is legal, ethical, and best for Minneapolis voters. She has my unwavering confidence, and my respect.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Julie said...

When Cindy was City Clerk for the City of St. Louis Park, she did a wonderful job. She runs a tight ship, is careful, accurate, and above all, non-partisan when it comes to elections.

When I heard the story about her on the radio, my reaction was "wow, does somebody have that wrong"

Being an election judge helps one understand what happens in an election, what the process is with the ballots, how they are counted. I have been one for a few Presidential election cycles now, and the Wellstone tragedy election. Cindy had that one under total control. This is seriously nothing compared to that. This is just a couple of ill mannered campaigns doing what they can to win, not caring who goes down in the process.

The thing that is most ironic is the fact that Cindy of all people, is a person who they should want to be in charge of something like this.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time when we have so many ways of instant information so we can learn about things like the election process, and so many don't. But, they like to complain, form opinions, and so on.

It is a sad time we live in.


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