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Monday, March 29, 2010

Openings on City of Minneapolis Boards and Commissions

There are a number of interesting vacancies this spring. Please consider applying. These boards and commissions can be enormously helpful in making Minneapolis a better city. Applications are due April 2nd unless otherwise noted.

Animal Care & Control Advisory Board
The Minneapolis Animal Care & Control Advisory Board was created by Minneapolis Resolution 2008R-526 on November 21, 2008. The Advisory Board is being created to assist the Animal Care & Control (ACC) with policy and community outreach activities.
For additional details about the Advisory Board, please review a copy of the resolution that can be found at:
Staff Contact: Dan Niziolek, 612-673-6250,

Latino Advisory Committee
The Latino Advisory Committee to the Mayor and City Council was created by Resolution 99R-443 on 12/23/1999 to advise the Mayor and the City Council on issues and needs confronting Spanish speaking people in the City, provide assistance in evaluating City programs as they pertain to the Latino community, offer input to the City’s long-range planning, promote economic, cultural and social development for the Spanish speaking community, and serve as a referral to assist Spanish speaking people secure access to City agencies and programs. The committee is comprised of 15 voting members serving two-year terms. Two of these positions are reserved for youth between the ages of 16 and 22
Staff Contact: Roman Gonzalez, 612-673-2272,

Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities
The Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities was created by resolution 76R-009 on 1/19/1976 to expand opportunities for all children and adults with disabilities throughout Minneapolis, without regard to disability or other protected class status, work to improve life’s opportunities by resolving conflicts involving persons with disabilities and protect their right to fully participate in society.
Staff Contact: Ruth Kildow, 612-673-3567

Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC)
The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Committee (HPC) was created by Minnesota State Statute 471.193, Chapter 34, Code 1960 to recommend to the city council buildings, lands, areas or districts to be designated or described for heritage preservation in the city. The commission consists of ten (10) members, each of whom shall reside in Minneapolis. Nine (9) members are appointed by the city council, and one (1) will be a representative for and appointed by the Mayor. At least two (2) members shall be registered architects, at least one shall be a licensed real estate agent or appraiser, at least one shall reside in or own a landmark or property in a historic district, and (if available) at least one (1) shall be a member of the Hennepin County Historical Society.
Staff Contact: Jack Byers, Planning Supervisor, 612-673-2634,

Minneapolis Workforce Council
The Minneapolis Workforce Council was created to provide policy and program guidance for all activities under the Job Training Partnership Act in the City of Minneapolis. There are 19 members appointed by the Mayor, to a two-year term, with a list of appointees submitted to the Governor for certification. Ten (10) members must be business representatives – at least half should represent small business, including minority business; additional members must be chosen to represent the public employment service (1), labor (2), education (2), community organizations (1), vocational rehabilitation organizations (1), economic development (1) and public assistance agencies (1). The chair of the council must be from the private sector and shall be appointed by the Mayor. Applicants may not have active contracts with METP. Applicants must be City residents. The residency requirement may be waived for an officer or director of an organization that pays property taxes to the City of Minneapolis.
Minneapolis Employment and Training Program
Staff Contacts: Matt Kruger, 612-673-6236, or Deb Bahr-Helgen, 612-673-6226,

Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC)
(open until filled)
The Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) was created by MN State Code 145A.10, subd 10, Resolution 76R-089, 3/26/1976, and subsequently amended by Resolution 200R-438, 8/5/2005. The role of the committee is to advise the City Council and the Department of Health & Family Support on policy matters affecting the health of Minneapolis residents, and to serve as liaisons between the City and the community in addressing health concerns. In this role, PHAC shall make every effort to ensure that the concerns addressed and represented reflect the diverse viewpoints and interests of the Minneapolis community as a whole.
Staff Contact: Emily Wang, 612-673-2144,

Pedestrian Advisory Committee
The Pedestrian Advisory Committee was created by Resolution 2006R-636 on December 22, 2006 to advise the Mayor and City Council on policies, programs, and actions for improving pedestrian safety, mobility, accessibility, and comfort; for promoting walking for transportation, recreation, and health purposes; and for strengthening the linkage between the pedestrian environment and public transportation. The board is composed of 18-24 members of the public and city and partner agency staff including: 5 community residents representing city residents, city business owners, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, students, child/school advocates, walking/transit advocates; 1 member of the Minneapolis Senior Citizen Advisory Committee to the Mayor and City Council; 1 member of the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities; 1 member of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee; 5-8 members representing City Departments; and 5-8 members representing partner agencies.
Staff Contact: Anna Flintoft, 612-673-3885,

Senior Citizens Advisory Committee
The Senior Citizen Advisory Committee to the Mayor and City Council was created by in 1976 to advise the Mayor and City Council on concerns relating to senior citizens & to recommend actions to solve such concerns, to act as a liaison for the senior citizen community, and to advise and suggest programs and activities of value to senior citizens and the City of Minneapolis.
Staff Contact: Ruth Kildow, 612-673-2272,

Zoning Board of Adjustment
The Minneapolis Zoning Board of Adjustment was created by Minneapolis Zoning Code 1960, Chapter 525.110 to hear and decide appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Administrator under the Zoning Code; to hear and act upon applications for variances from the terms of the Zoning Code; to hear and recommend on all matters referred to it by the Zoning Code.
Staff Contact: Shanna Sether, 612/673-2307,


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