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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Preventing Gun Injuries

I am working to identify effective actions the City can take to reduce gun deaths and injuries in Minneapolis.  This will include, first, a set of state and /or federal legislative initiatives the City formally supported through the Intergovernmental Relations Committee in late January and, second, items included in a resolution that will come to the Public Safety, Health and Civil Rights Committee in February. I am working closely with the Mayor’s office, Council colleagues, the Police Chief, City Attorney, the Minneapolis Commissioner of Health and the Intergovernmental Relations staff. I welcome feedback. Ideas so far include the following:

1)    Legislative agendas
a.    Repeal or amend the state preemption statute to allow local innovations,
b.    Ban on semi-auto,
c.    Ban on high-capacity magazines,
d.    More discretionary power to municipalities to grant or deny gun permits,
e.    Better, universal, background checks,
f.     Gun violence commission,
g.    Change age for purchasing guns from 18 to 21,
h.    Mandatory reporting of gun theft or loss,
i.      Renew the prohibition on people convicted of felony domestic abuse owning guns,
j.      Explore including violent misdemeanors in background checks,
k.    Raise the excise tax on ammunition to fund violence prevention efforts.

2)     Resolution
a.    Lay out the case for residents voluntarily getting guns out of their homes
b.    Remind residents that guns must be stored locked and/or unloaded if there are children under 18 in the home
c.    Ask residents to promptly report theft or loss of any gun
d.    Possible acceptance of funds and staff direction to develop a gun buy-back program or illegal gun reporting program (se below).
e.    Staff direction to MPD to come back to Council with costs and use projections for a voluntary registration program.

3)    Gun buy-back and/or  illegal gun reporting program
a.    Limit weapon types: handguns and semi-automatic rifles with greater than 5-round capacity
b.    Decide between a targeted gun buy-back program and/or a program to pay for tips that lead to the recovery of illegal guns (ex:
c.    Individual contributions: a Second Ward constituent is willing to donate $10,000 to this effort
d.    Business contributions: in other cities, retailers have stepped up
e.    City contributions: MPD officer support, possible monetary participation


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