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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creative Vitality Index

This morning, the City's Director of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, Gulgun Kayim, presented a very interesting and helpful report on the City's Creative Vitality Index.

The CVI is a tool that measures annual changes in the economic health of highly-creative industries using information about organizational revenue, jobs, and other measures from creative businesses and nonprofits.  The Twin Cities metro area is sixth in the nation for our CVI score, or four and a half times greater than the national average.  Some other key metrics: the creative economy is responsible for over $700 million in local economic activity; charitable giving to arts organizations in the Twin Cities is thirteen and a half times greater than the national average; approximately 5% of Minneapolis residents work in a creative occupation, and 21% of creative jobs in Minnesota are located in Minneapolis.  

The five creative occupations with the most jobs, in order, are photographers, musicians and singers, writers and authors, graphic designers and art directors.  Southeast Minneapolis (area code 55414) is the part of the city with the third-highest number of artists, and the greatest number outside of downtown.


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